About Ahaarya

Ahaarya is an online boutique formed in New Jersey, USA with the intention of bringing Indian expressions to the forefront. While the motivation behind this dream is our passion for Indian styles and designs while enlivening the culture that is tied to our roots, the mission behind Ahaarya is to make Indian styles from all over India available to people all around the world.

Ahaarya signifies the art of personal expression using our daily life paint brushes; paint brushes in the form of clothing, accessories or footwear. And we at Ahaarya want to bring the best Indian styles and designs from the most talented artisans and designers.

We focus on the marriage of beautiful designs and elegant textures both coming together to form ensembles that match your taste and expression. Be it kurtis from Lucknow or be it the necklaces from the tribal communities or bandhani skirts from Jaipur, Ahaarya is dedicated to spoiling you with a wide range of inspiring designs made by people who are as passionate about this culture and what it has to offer, as you are.

In this online boutique, you will find Kurtis (Ethnic tops), Bandhani skirts, Lucknowi Kurtis, Ethnic Jholas (Bags) and Purses, Accessories. In the coming months, Ahaarya will continue to add more ranges to its collection such as Mojris, Handicrafts from various parts of India and much more.

If you’d like to see more and can’t find it at Ahaarya, feel free to write to us at info@ahaarya.com